Return to MeReturn to Me by Lucy Darling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mackenzie convinces her twin to pretend she is her so she can get the heck out of town. Somehow she ended up married to Victor Wolfe and she wants to keep far away from the infuriating man who seems to think she is his.

Victor knows immediately Mackenzie is going to run, he plans to chase after her. When Victor finds her he realizes he needs to gain her trust in order to keep his wife safely by his side. Of course he knows he was sneaky about the marriage but he knows her past and he knows she would bolt regardless of how he tried to win her hand.

This was a lot of fun. Victor is calculating when it comes to Mackenzie and he lets her come to terms about them but he does nudge her a bit. I thought he treated her like spun glass, he knows she is a hard headed woman but he also knows she needs a tenderness he would never show another. Great read.

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