Shattered Trust: Dream Catcher MCShattered Trust: Dream Catcher MC by Liberty Parker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kruger knew if there was one woman he would want to claim it would be Stella, but he wasn’t that type of man and he had no problem using the club bunnies for his needs. Developing a friendship with Stella instead he figured that was the best they would ever have, however one night leads to more and the next morning Stella comes to terms that there will never be more between her and Kruger and flees to Florida. Fate has a wicked way of bringing people back together and secrets are revealed. Can Kruger forgive Stella and build a happily ever after with her or will his mistrust ruin everything?

Excellent read, very surprising how the story unraveled. I liked Stella and understood why she did what she had to do. Kruger is tough as nails but he also has a soft spot especially when it comes to Stella. Thoroughly entertaining.

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