Sonny (Texas Kings MC, #2)Sonny by Cee Bowerman
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When Sonny was sent to prison the one thing he wanted was for Brenda to move on. It killed him to let the love of his life go but he was going to be in jail for 15 years and that was too much to ask of her. Brenda didn’t car, she loved Sonny unconditionally and even though he would not see her or accept any letters, she kept a journal writing to Sonny and all of her hopes, fears, and anything that happened in her life.

Sonny ends up getting released early and although he believes Brenda moved on, he quickly realizes he wants her back. Can Brenda take another chance on him or wills he push him away like he did to her?

I was not sure I wanted to read this one or not. I had read most of the series but not in order and didn’t know if I could take a linking to Sonny. Was I wrong, yes. I thought this was written extremely well and shed a few tears on this one. Brenda and Sonny are a terrific couple have had a ton of hurdles thrown at them and still are so much in love it is wonderful. Excellent story, well worth picking up.

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