Nick - The Black Tuxedos MCNick – The Black Tuxedos MC by Darlene Tallman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nick Johnson is struggling, he has PTSD and is a member of the Black Tuxedos MC but he knows it is only a matter of time before he gets called on his behavior. Deciding to get the help he needs he finally relents in bringing his parents in on what is going on. However he ends up meeting Shayla Hopkins and her little baby and something inside him awakens.

Shayla has had a hard time of late, her ex-roommate has hurt her in more ways then one and she fled with her daughter. Nick insists on helping her out bringing her to his family for extra help. Nick lets her know that he plans to explore whats between them but both need to get their heads in order to have a fresh start together. What happens when both of their pasts come back to haunt them though?

Loved this story, a bit of a slow burn. I liked Nick, who if you have read Firefly you remember. I think this was a terrific addition to this series.

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