Before We Fall (Stone Lake #3)Before We Fall by Jordan Marie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Junie moved to Stone Lake to get a fresh start, she thought she had moved on and found the One..but she couldn’t have made a bigger mistake. Ben Kingston wants a chance to explain to Junie what happened, but the women he wants more time with doesn’t want him anywhere near her. Ben decides he is going to give Junie time but when time runs out Ben decides he is going to make sure she is aware he is not given up.

Junie’s past still haunts her, she knows it is one of the reasons why she keeps putting Ben away. Ben is insistent on making sure she can trust him but what happens when her past comes creeping back? Will Ben be the rock she needs?

This was really good, a bit angsty but overall intriguing story. I liked Ben a lot he was an intense alpha male who wants to do everything he can to protect Junie. Great story, need to go back and read the rest.

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