Crazy Heifer (The Valentine Boys #2)Crazy Heifer by Lani Lynn Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Desi has made a vow to herself to never let her ex-husband get to her again. His constant criticisms about her appearance during their short marriage was enough. Desi decides that she is going to tackle a huge goal of getting fit and running a local event. When she ends up being the target of her ex and his new fiancee at the local restaurant she is having her last meal, well last unhealthy meal, she finds herself getting rescued by Callum Valentine.

Callum knows Desi needs time to get over her marriage but he also knows he wants to explore his feelings for Desi. When Desi is around everything feels right. Desi quickly realizes the same for Callum. However, her ex is having a hard time letting go and Desi is more determined then ever to follow her own path, of course with Callum by her side.

This was terrific, a bit of a tear jerker but I so identified with Desi. I thought her character was realistic and is one of my favorites this author has written about. Loved Callum he is a gentle giant until he is ticked off. Another fantastic read from this author.

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