Stalk HerStalk Her by Jenika Snow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Butcher is the President of the Devil’s Right Hand MC, he runs his club the way he wants and no one stands in his way. When he sees the new bartender Poppy at the bar he frequents he is hooked. Poppy is a girl on the run who is constantly looking over her shoulder. She notices Butcher but she cant take the chance of acting on it. However Butcher has other ideas and the first thing he plans to do is keep a watchful eye on Poppy whether she realizes it or not.

This was great, a bit grittier then the author’s normal books but I enjoyed it. I liked Butcher, he is who he is and he does not change that for anyone. Poppy was an interesting character she is a fighter and I thought her character was a perfect compliment to Butcher. Entertaining story.

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