Quarterback SackQuarterback Sack by S.E. Hall
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rush Riggins meets Ava Vanderbilt at a club and has a romp before leaving not planning on seeing her again. Rush is the back up quarterback to the Tennessee Football team and when he gets his chance at being the lead quarterback he is thrilled. His high though is short lived with the teams owner passes away and it is announced that Ava will be the new owner. Rush realizes quickly Ava does not want anyone to know they met under any circumstances and uses that to his benefit. Problem is Rush decides he wants Ava and Ava is reluctant to let others know she is seeing Rush. What will happen when he lays it all out for her?

I liked parts of this but felt some of the ways that Rush and his teammates talked grated a bit over time. Good story though.

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