Need You for Keeps (Heroes of St. Helena, #1)Need You for Keeps by Marina Adair
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deputy Jonah Baudouin should stay away from town trouble maker and savior of pets, Shay Michaels. She lets her emotions set her path and that is exact opposite of Jonah. Jonah should be focusing on running for Sheriff but Shay keeps crossing his path the next thing he knows they have a kiss they will not talk about and he is babysitting a kitten he doesn’t want. Shay has a way of making him smile, she is beautiful both inside and out and Jonah can’t seem to stay away. But when the town of St. Helena’s most influential takes airs some of Shay’s dirty laundry to stop her from her cause, everything becomes a hot mess and Jonah needs to decide if he stands by Shay’s side or lets her go.

Loved this, great summer read. Shay is a free spirit and so animated it comes off of each page in the story. Her friends are hilarious, the side characters are a real treat as well. Jonah is a pure charmer, he wants Shay but at the same time tries to run from it. Slow burn romance at it’s finest.

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