How About No (Bear Bottom Guardians MC, #3)How About No by Lani Lynn Vale
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Landry Hill had a life where she was born and raised to be a convenience for her parents when they need her otherwise she was second best. The moment she got a chance she got away and went off to college where she met and fell in love with Wade Johnson. They married and should be having their happily ever after, however Wade takes a stance on something he knows nothing about and Landry serves him with divorce papers.

Two years later Wade doesn’t understand what the hell went wrong but he knows he wants his wife back. Things that he thought he knew turn out to be quite the opposite and Wade grabs at his second chance with Landry even if Landry is not to sure where it will lead.

I had always put this one off because was not sure what the reason behind Wade and Landry splitting up was but boy I was not expecting what it turned out to be. You never doubt for a moment Wade and Landry’s love for one another. Landry is a strong woman even when she doubts herself, she was a great heroine and I liked that this couple had real problems they worked through. Excellent, should have read sooner.

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