Dustan -Caveman Instinct --Gypsy Curse Book 5Dustan -Caveman Instinct –Gypsy Curse Book 5 by Hazel Gower
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dustan was a tired grump after he got off a plane from the US so he didn’t realize his soul mate was in front of him before he acted like a complete tool. Cassie grew up being bullied for her appearance and she has learned to forgive and forget the first time but if it happens again she wont be anybody’s fool. So she gives in when Dustan begs her for a second chance, but Dustan disappoints in another way that time and Cassie decides to leave for some self reflection. When she finds out Dustan has been hurt though she is by his side, but his family is not quite as willing to forgive her for what they believe she has done.

This was a lot different for the caveman series. I almost gave it a 3.5 but once you get past the drama between Dustan and Cassie early on you are hooked. I will say that I felt like Cassie was at times a bit too immature and the dynamic of the Silverman family where Cassie was concerned really surprised me, put a dent in their armor for me.

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