The Hookup (Moonlight and Motor Oil, #1)The Hookup by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eliza “Izzy” Forrester needed a fresh start after her ex turned into a psycho. She relocated to Matlock, Kentucky and after a few months getting acclimated she found herself giving in to the moment and falling in bed with Johnny Gamble. Izzy had no idea that Johnny was legendary around town and it wasn’t because of his magnetic personalty or his family name, it is because Johnny is the man whose heart broke when his fiancee left town overnight and no one knows why.

Johnny knows after the first night with Izzy that he should let her walk away, he has nothing left to give and Izzy deserves the best. However Johnny is selfish and wants to be with Izzy even if it is just temporary. The more he gets to know Izzy though the more he knows he has to let her go and he does. What Johnny didn’t know though was the reason that Izzy moved to Matlock and once he finds out he decides to take a chance and move on from the past. Can Izzy give him a second chance and if she does will Johnny be able to keep his fears of the past in the past?

Another book where I am kicking myself I did not pick up sooner. Loved this, Johnny is pure alpha male and I loved Izzy she is an favorite KA heroine now. Didn’t want the story to end but I am anxious to read what is next. Always entertaining and always a surprise when I pick up a Kristen Ashley book. Excellent.

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