Security Breach (Rogue Security and Investigation, #1)Security Breach by Evan Grace
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Six months ago Reece and Delilah spent one night together, when Delilah woke up Reece was gone. Now Delilah is pregnant and has the support of the Rogue Security team and her father, what she never expected was the new hire to be Reece.

Reece never expected to see Delilah again but now she is in front of him at his new job and pregnant. Reece knows the baby is his and when Delilah finds herself in danger, Reece moves her in. Reece doesn’t regret much in life but he does regret not exploring the more with Delilah when he slept with her, she was younger and he didn’t handle it well but now he has a second chance. Will they figure out who is determined to hurt Delilah before it is too late?

This was fantastic. Loved the fact that it is a slow burn romance with Reece and Delilah. Thought every aspect of this was fantastic. Pure entertainment.

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