DevotionDevotion by Alexa Riley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Aurora Adams is living a life she doesn’t necessarily want. She loves dancing, but her mother has made it clear that she is not good enough nor does she need to have a life outside of the ballet.

Noah Hill is not one to visit the ballet but he does so for a client. When he sees Aurora on stage he knows she will be his. He makes an arrangement to have her all to himself once he finds out about her mother’s attempts to keep her sheltered and comes up with a plan to keep Aurora safe as well as exploring what they will be building with one another.

I went back and forth on 3-4 stars. I wish this was longer, i think it would have benefited from being a bit more detailed towards the end. Overall great story, a bit darker I think because of the alpha male in the story.

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