In a Badger Way (Honey Badger Chronicles, #2)In a Badger Way by Shelly Laurenston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stevie MacKilligan is scared of bears, that is scared of bears except Panda’s which has Stevie hanging with Shen Li all the time. Stevie has decided that Shen will be a good boyfriend for her, but Shen isn’t sure how he ended up a boyfriend when Stevie is just Kyle’s friend. Kyle has been staying with Stevie while creating his masterpieces and in turn Shen is his bodyguard and now living with the MacKilligan sisters.

Now someone is out to get Stevie and Shen finds he is protecting Stevie as well as finding himself falling for the crazy woman who surprises him at every turn.

Another A+ read from Shelly Laurenston. I was curious how Stevie’s story would unfold because she is a hot mess with panic attacks, genius mentality and a scary shifter side. Unbelievable and you see a completely different side to Shen who has been so mellow in other books. Excellent.

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