My Perfect Drug (Reapers MC: Ellsberg Chapter, #2)My Perfect Drug by Bijou Hunter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lily Johansson has always been the good girl in her family, however she has been hiding secrets and one that could threaten to destroy her family dynamic. Lily is in love with wrong side of the tracks and enemy Dash Mullen. The Johansson’s don’t mingle with the Mullens and when Lily gets pregnant she has a choice, keep the secret or admit everything.

Dash has always been easygoing, he has to to live in his family dynamic. Lily is his one bright spot and he knows he is not good enough for her. Now everything they have been hiding is about to be revealed and Dash is wondering if he will live long enough in the process.

I liked this one but at times Dash’s life is hard to read. I did like Sissy who is Dash’s sister. Anxious to read Colton’s book next. This was an entertaining read but q bit different then author’s other books.

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