Release Date: January 16, 2019

Cover Design: Melissa Gill Designs




Jaxon Mayer knew the minute his eyes met hers that they were soul mates and would be together forever.

Emily and Jax were childhood sweethearts. An insanely happy couple with a love most people never feel.

Emily Saunders wanted nothing more than to marry her gorgeous guy and have her happily ever after. Their relationship was perfect, and he was the man of her dreams.

They had even talked about an engagement, and Jaxon was planning a surprise proposal.

But life never goes as planned…

When a tragic accident occurs, everything changes, and heartbreak is inevitable.

But who will be the one left broken and shattered?






“Don’t be an asshole, Jaxon Mayer. I’m tired, okay?” she states, giving me the look. Shit, I’m in trouble. I drunkenly cuddle her, then tickle her—a foolproof plan when she is crabby. Giggles escape her mouth, and I wrap her in my arms as we dance for a bit.

Two hours later, it’s two a.m., and most of the people are leaving.

“Time to call it a night, mister,” she announces with a yawn and a raise of her eyebrows. I throw my arms around her and snuggle into her neck. Yep, I’m ready for bed with this one.

“I have cash, Jax, so I’ll call a cab,” she tells me, digging into her bag for her cell.

“Don’t be silly, guys. I’ve had three drinks, and I’m driving a block farther than you, so jump in,” Scotty declares, unlocking his Jeep with Boyd and Lucas behind him.

“Jaxon, he’s had more than three. He was drinking most the night,” Em whispers to me, but I’m pretty intoxicated, so I don’t listen. He’s talking fine to me, and it’s like ten miles away, so it will be okay.

“It will be fine, baby. Trust me,” I tell her and distract her with a sweet kiss.

“God, Jax, you absolutely reek of beer, and I can taste the bitterness on your breath,” she tells me, scrunching up her face as we climb in the back seat. Lucas stumbles in next to me and cracks open another Budweiser and downs it.

“Want the other, bro?” he slurs, showing me the Budweiser can, but I shake my head.

“I’m a lightweight compared to you regular alchos,” I reply, and it’s true. I’m sure with one more, I would either pass out or spew, and both options would suck. They all chuckle with laughter.

“Yeah, Jacko, we gotta be better than you at something, bro.” Boyd snickers.

I smile at his comment, then put my hand on Emily’s knee. I gaze at her face and realize she looks agitated as she fidgets with her seat belt. “What’s up?” I ask her.

“I have a bad feeling, Jax. Can we just get a cab home?”

I don’t even have a chance to answer her before all the doors close and Scotty speeds off.

“Shit man, can you slow down a little?” I shout, but the blasting music drowns out my words.

I shrug my shoulders at her and smile. As I said, it’s not far.

Lucas is singing along to Tumbawumba. “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you ain’t ever gonna keep me down.” I find myself swaying along as it’s a damn catchy song. Em puts her head on my shoulder and closes her eyes. I’m relieved she’s finally relaxed.

Lucas uncomfortably slides into me as Scotty takes the sharp corner faster than he should. I should be accustomed to his crazy driving, but he still manages to surprise me.

“Shit, man, take it easy,” I shout over the loud stereo.

Next thing I know, he’s taking another sharp corner, and the steering wheel locks. The tires burn rubber on the road, and a loud screech echoes over the music. The car is jolted sideways and slams into something hard. My head knocks into Lucas’s, and shit, that hurt.

Then it all goes dark.

When I wake, my eyes are heavy, and I blink to adjust as it’s still dark outside. I pull and struggle as my seat belt is restricting me, then I realize we are still in the freaking car. I’ve lost the ability to speak, and I’m in shock as realization sets in that the car has crashed. My heartbeat is racing, and my hands feel clammy. I unclick my seat belt as I struggle to get free. My neck is jarred, and I have whiplash. The music isn’t on anymore, and the motor must be dead as it’s eerily silent.

“Jaxon.” I hear Emily’s frantic voice.

Jesus Christ is all I can think as I turn and see she is trapped by the broken glass on her window. Then I notice the passenger seat has also come loose and is pushing against her.

Tears stream down her face, and she has a split lip and is shrieking in fear. “I’m stuck, help me,” she wails. I’m overwhelmed with fear and suddenly immobile. There’s blood, and I’m still drunk. Shit.

I literally have no idea what to do. She can’t be moved. Shit.

I inhale a deep breath. Focus. She’s the one who should be scared.

Be her rock, Jaxon. You have to be the rock that keeps her calm and still. Do it for her, for your love.

I supportively hold her shaking hand. “It will be okay, Em. I’ve got your hand, and I’m here. I won’t leave your side, I promise,” I declare as I caress her trembling fingers. Her crying eases a little, but it doesn’t stop.




One of Five ARC’s for Abandoned by Love


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Release Date: February 6, 2019

Cover Design: Melissa Gill Designs




Jaxon Mayer knows tragedy and heartache all too well. He was left shocked and confused with his heart shattered when his soul mate Emily left without any explanation.

She left him with a gaping hole incapable of healing.

His walls are up, his heart is fragile, and he is certain he will never fall in love again. He is sure love is only for fools.

But fate has a way of stepping in…

When his blue-eyed brunette angel who never returned his heart waltzes back into his life, he sees a glimpse of hope for the future.

Can Emily regain Jaxson’s trust and win him back?

Can Jax let love into his heart again and get his well-deserved happy ever after, or will he end up shattered, alone, and wounded beyond repair?

Once again…

Sometimes fate decides when the time is right.




About the Author


The Author of seven full length novels and one novella, genres range from contemporary romance, Romantic Suspense to Dark Romance.
Aleya was Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she is in her thirties and happily married with three gorgeous boys.
A lover of reading, hanging out at the beach, playing netball, shopping and listening to music, which she adds into her writing frequently.
Aleya’s main thrill when writing is introducing her readers to new and exciting characters that you will either love, or love to hate.


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