The Purest Hook (Second Circle Tattoos, #3)The Purest Hook by Scarlett Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rockstar Dred Zander’s interest was peaked when he met Pixie. Pixie has a ton of baggage from her past and Dred recognizes that, for her also does. Dred asks Pixie out but she always has a funny comeback that lets him down but he persists. When Pixie finally agrees, Dred questions if he is the type of man who can be in a relationship and is it the right time. However, life happens and Dred finds himself in dealing with his past and Pixies secret about her past is about to be revealed. Will Dred stand by her side or walk away from the best thing that has ever happened to him?

This was really good. I generally do not read books that involve drug use, but this was in the past and was handled really well. I loved Pixie, she is the type of heroine that is inspiring and I loved her spunk. Dred was swoon worthy and the overall story was just brilliant. Great addition to the series.

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