Kissing the Boss (Fairy Tale Quartet, #2)Kissing the Boss by Linda Kage
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kaitlyn Judge isn’t sure what happened but when her father passed away, she always thought that she would inherit the fashion house she grew up being groomed for. Instead her stepmother inherited it and the only way Kaity found a way to still be part of the company is to intern for free. She has been treated cruelly by her step mother but she is willing to put up with it to earn a place in the company. After a horrible day though Kaity ends up at a Halloween party in disguise and in the arms of the most beautiful man she has ever seen. Well she doesn’t know who he is because of the mask, but the chemistry is off the charts. What happens when Kaity figures out it is her boss and the man her evil stepmother wants.

This was highly entertaining. I laughed out loud several times and loved the chemistry. I enjoyed everything about this book, a keeper.

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