Accidental Princess: A Hidden Kingdom NovelAccidental Princess: A Hidden Kingdom Novel by Lexi` Whitlow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Freya is on a vacation trying to get a clear head after her longtime boyfriend cheats on her. Heading to Ibiza with her best friend is just the break she needs. One unusual moment leads her to Andreas and fate has them reconnecting.

Andreas is a Prince of a small country and something about Freya has him wanting her to spend her vacation with him. Andreas is not a man that does attachments but he cant get enough of her and one fateful night he finds himself married, the problem is both do not remember it. Its against his families custom to marry an American but Andreas does not plan on letting Freya go, but there is one gigantic hurdle in the way…he needs to tell Freya he is a Prince.

This was good, l liked the flow of this and could imagine everything in the story. Loved Freya and thought Andreas was a charmer. Want to read the next book, should be really good.

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