Undercurrents in Time
by Pamela Schloesser Canepa


GENRE: Sci-fi Time Travel Romance (clean)



What if time travel proved you were meant to be together? Sometimes the very things that bond two people can drive a wedge between them. Tabitha and Milt have been through a lot together, but they find themselves pulled in very different ways.

Tabitha longs for a getaway, while Milt is busy with his responsibilities. She embarks on an unplanned journey. With this attempt to pull herself out of the rut, how will she handle the unknown dangers she faces and return her life to normal?



The garage door raised, quietly, she hoped. Supplies were packed. A turn of the wrench, and then she knew what buttons to push. The fuel tank read full. Why not go back to 2047? Things could be totally different, but she might stand a chance of finding her way around. With a start of the engine, the car seemed to purr as if to ask, “Why have you never done this before?” She sensed the vibration of the steering wheel beneath her fingertips and felt at one with the vehicle and its engine. Adjusting the seat and the rearview mirror to her liking, she then backed the car out of the driveway and thought, If this doesn’t work out so well, I might not need to buy a girdle for New Year’s. After one last adjustment of the side mirrors, she giggled girlishly as she made her way down the road, gradually easing the engine up to the required speed for the vehicle to take flight and cross over. She briefly realized the flaws that lay in such a line of thinking, but she dismissed it. Checking her watch, she noted that it was 4:30 a.m., 12/27/1999. She would return at exactly 4:31 a.m., 12/27/1999. She didn’t want to erase this act. Yet, she did want to come back without them knowing, so, that one extra minute should allow for her to resettle and come to terms with what she’d done with very little chance of being found out. If Milt woke and spent a minute looking for her, she could easily explain that away. Not that he’d likely wake up out of his deep sleep, anyway.

Tabitha smiled at herself, partly in disbelief. She felt the jolt as the vehicle crossed the threshold. That’s what Milt called it when leaving your present time and entering into another time. Tabitha wanted to refer to it as another dimension, but he corrected her on that; there is a difference, he’d said.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Author Pamela Schloesser Canepa had a childhood full of travel and moving, fueling her writing of poems and stories as a child to provide entertainment for long trips. When her family settled in the southeast, writing provided an outlet for private thoughts and emotions for years, until she decided to self-publish fiction in 2016. Pamela’s genres include science fiction, paranormal fiction, and poetry of all types. The “Made for Me” series was Pamela’s first published fiction series with a futuristic flavor. Pamela plans to continue to write a spinoff with one of the characters in “Undercurrents in Time,” and her next project is another installment in the “Made for Me” series.

Website: http://pamelascanepa.weebly.com
Social media: https://www.facebook.com/pamelacanepablog/ (Author Facebook)

Amazon Author site: http://amzn.to/1t3BYGU
https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15166012.Pamela_Schloesser_CanepaIndependently Published



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