Wanted (Wanted, #1)Wanted by Kelly Elliott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ellie Johnson has never felt wanted, she kept her mothers abuse quiet and did what she had to do to get a fresh start. Her one constant has been her brother, but he had no idea as to the depths his mother had fallen where Ellie was concerned. Ellie never expected to meet Gunnar Mathews or that the feelings she has for him were going to become the most important thing in her life.

Gunnar knows Ellie has hangups from her childhood and he plans to stand by her side no matter what but life has a way of creating obstacles and Gunnar is going to show Ellie they can get through anything as long as they are together.

If your looking for a bit of an angsty read, this is one to pick up. Overall I liked this story quite a bit. I did feel Ellie was a bit clueless at times but then you have to remember her upbringing. Interested to see what happens with her brothers story.

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