Deeper (Caroline & West, #1)Deeper by Robin York
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Caroline Piasecki couldn’t believe her ex-boyfriend took a private moment between them and posted them online. Now she is the girl on campus who is a walking smear campaign, she is reeling but doesn’t seem to be able to get away from the noise around her.

West Leavitt has a reputation of being up to no good most of the time and Caroline has successfully avoided him for the past year but when West ends up beating up her ex, she feels she needs to talk to him. Caroline tries to stay away from West but something about him pulls her in and they become friends of a sort. However Caroline wants more and West’s past is preventing him from acting on what he really wants, Caroline.

This is book one in the Caroline & West series. I felt for both characters in this book. Caroline is a victim and it takes awhile for her to get her bearings. West has had a hard life and his home life is unwinding and he feels pulled into several directions. I wasn’t sure where this story would lead and was surprised by how it turned out. Definitely picking up the next book.

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