Nickel: Fallen Lords M.C.Nickel: Fallen Lords M.C. by Winter Travers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nickel has been crushing hard for a year trying to get Karmen to say to going out. Karmen though has a lot of hangups from her child hood and doesn’t understand what Nickel could possibly see in her. Nickel finally gets Karmen to agree but as they begin to get to know one another a threat from Karmens past is about to jeopardize what they are building.

Entertaining story. I liked Karmen and Nickel together. Initially you want to shake Karmen to wak up but after you get to know her back story you completely understand. Nickel was wonderful with her, gets that she is gun shy and he does everything he can to gain her trust. Look forward to next book, I think it is going to be fantastic.

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