Ryder (Caveman Instinct, #3)Ryder by Hazel Gower
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ryder Silverman has heard the story of the gypsy curse that haunts his family. Those lucky enough find their soulmate, those not never find her. Ryder doesn’t expect to find Divinity Stamon when he takes his cousins to get medical attention Ryder lets Divinity know she is his but the hot tempered beauty has no problem putting him in his place. Ryder realizes he is going to have to give Divinity time to get her to understand the pull she feels towards him but in the meantime he has to do what he can to keep her protected.

Divinity thinks Ryder is crazy but there is something about the man that has him constantly in her thoughts. Raised by an alpha male can she let another one in her life, even though she promised herself to find a man who is opposite?

I can’t make up my mind if this one or Stephan is my favorite. I loved this, completely devoured it. Ryder is pure alpha man and has met his match in Divinity. Every character stood out in this book and it was a wild ride to the finish. Excellent.

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