Royal Dragon (The Bride Hunt, #1)Royal Dragon by Charlene Hartnady
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

King Blaze has ordered his brother Coal to join the Bride Hunt and take a human mate. Coal was fine with mating another and isn’t thrilled by his current task, a human after all is fragile and he has nothing in common with them. The problem is Dragon Shifters are a dying breed and they need fertile women to carry on their line.

Julie has been kidnapped and she thinks that the men behind kidnapping her and the other women are going to rape and pillage them. When Coal captures her and claims she is his, she fights him tooth and nail. Coal though is curious about his little female and decides he is going to change her mind about escaping one one tantalizing seduction at a time.

This was delightful. Several very funny moments and I liked the fact that they had different concepts on what was expected from the other. I liked Coal he was charming and I was curious to see how he would woo Julie. Glad I ran across this book, will be reading the others in the series.

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