Biker B*tchBiker B*tch by Andie J. Christopher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Skyler Clark walked away from the place she called home ten years ago after the actions of her father came crashing down around her. Knowing she was leaving she acted on her feelings for Abner Travis but was rejected, that rejection still stings ten years later. Now she is back and has bought his family’s vineyard and Skyler is doing her best to avoid him.

Travis wants Skyler, he is not sure where it will lead but he needs her like he has never wanted someone before. Skyler isn’t interested especially since he is a biker and she has lumped him into the same territory she lumps her dad. Travis is out to prove Skyler wrong and when they do come together both are not certain if they will ever be whole without the other.

This had quite a bit more to the story, Travis is a bit of a vigilante with the Heaven’s Sinners MC. I enjoyed this quite a bit and definitely want to see where the other characters in this story lead to. Travis is all man and I thought this couple ignited each page they were on. Very entertaining and a fantastic way to start series.

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