A Beautiful Idea (Beautiful, #1)A Beautiful Idea by Emily McKee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Isabelle Clark grew up with an emotionally abusive mother who made it clear she was never wanted. Moving out and going to college, Isabelle looks at it like the most significant step in her life. What she doesn’t expect was to bump into Ryder Mitchell who is the man every girl wants to nab on campus. Problem is Ryder doesn’t do anything more than one night stands.

Ryder sees Isabelle as a game changer but he sees Isabelle as a bit innocent as well. Knowing that he has to take time with Isabelle but when she finds out her financial aid doesn’t cover her dorm Ryder offers her a room at his place. Close quarters have both wondering what the other is feeling and if both can take a chance at building something beautiful.

This was just what I had been looking for in a romance, it had a slow build and I loved this couple together. Isabelle is an amazing heroine and I thought the way the author had her question situations was spot on with how she was raised. Ryder was amazing, he oozed charisma on each page he was on. Great read, checking out more from this author/

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