Love’s Tempting (The Love's, #2)Love’s Tempting by Maryann Jordan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Detective Matt Dixon is used to women having a temporary interest in him, that is until they see the scar he received from a fight. When he sees Lily Swanson at a bar looking uncomfortable he decides to step in and let her enjoy her drink in peace. Lily sees past his scar and after a beautiful moment together she is gone. Matt is kicking himself for not getting her number, however he quickly finds Lily again when her co-worker is murdered. Matt knows Lily is the one for him but she has her own fears he is hiding and is weary to trust. Matt lets Lily know he is not going anywhere especially when she begins to look like a possible target for whoever killed her friend.

Very entertaining, liked that both have their own hangups and yet are blind to what others viewed as a hideous. Matt is pure alpha male especially where Lily is concerned, Lily had a bit of sass that I think Matt was surprised about but made them ideal for each other. Checking out more in this series.

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