Resisting The Biker (The Biker, #1)Resisting The Biker by Cassie Alexandra
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Adriana is out for a night with friends when she meets Raptor who steps in to help her, pretending to claim her as his woman from another insistent biker. Raptor is attracted to Adriana but she makes her disdain for bikers apparent but he gives her a quick lesson about her misconceptions, especially about him. After Adriana ends up in trouble she calls Raptor for help and he steps up in a big way.

Raptor wants Adriana but Adriana is not sure what she wants, partly because of her family history. Can Adriana follow her heart or will outside influences tear them apart?

This has a cliffhanger which I was disappointed to see. I thought Adriana was a bit too much at times, I wondered what Raptor saw in her in some of those moments. A bit angsty and I had not realized cliffhanger so didn’t feel like I got the full story.

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