UnWrittenUnWritten by Chelsea M. Cameron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blair Walton is a tattooed, retro dressing librarian who runs the children’s book area. She loves her job but in her spare time she is a romance author with her best friend Raine. They keep their identity quiet but their fans know them as Scarlet Rose. Blair becomes attracted to single dad Declan Bennet after meeting his adorable son Drake. Declan is British, hot, and she can readily admit she is crushing hard on.

When Raine suggests Blair use Declan as a muse in order to get past the writers block on their upcoming book. Blair though feels her interactions with Declan are private and when he asks her out, she is even more determined to keep it that way. However, Declan doesn’t want to label what they are even though they are beginning to rely on each other in more ways than one. Can they admit they are building something or will it forever be in limbo?

This was very good, I think Drake stole the show though. I liked this couple but felt that they could have maybe admitted their feelings sooner, rather than later. II am a sucker for librarian, book author, and Brit stories so this one hit the mark for me.

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