Rock Hard Mountain ManRock Hard Mountain Man by Rye Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Maggie Dean is barely scraping by when she gets a job opportunity to be chef for billionaire Tyler Jenner. It is the opportunity that Maggie has been looking for but then she goes for the interview with Tyler and ends up walking out.

Tyler is not used to women turning him down and in such a colorful way. Tyler is intrigued by Maggie and wants second chance to get close to her but he knows this time he has to get her to warm up to him. Problem is as he is getting to know Maggie he is beginning to feel something he has not felt before, can this bad boy get his act together or will he lose the best thing that walked into his life.

This was fun, Tyler is a bit of a jerk initially and their introduction with one another is unique and quite funny. Story was a little predictable but if you are looking for a light read this book fits the criteria.

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