Hidden ScarsHidden Scars by A.M. Myers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Emma Harrington thought she had met the man of her dreams but instead of building her up and loving her like she deserved, he broke her. A year later Emma is still trying to find normalcy but she has triggers that arise every so often and when she goes to get a tattoo she meets Phoenix West. Emma feels a connection to Nix but she is not wanting another man in her life again, the last one ruined her for all others.

Nix steps up to the plate with Emma, he realizes she is scared of what is building between them but he will be as patient as he needs to be as long as Emma is by his side. However, Emma’s ex wants her back and is getting increasingly out of control. Will Nix be able to keep his word and protect Emma no matter what?

This was fantastic, I liked that Emma is working on herself. I would read these in order because I think it flows better. I read #2 first but it still worked. I loved Nix, he is just wow.

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