Collateral Damage (Hidden Scars, #2)Collateral Damage by A.M. Myers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tucker and Daisy have been friends since kids but one day he began looking at Daisy as something more and in a drunken moment he acted on it. Tucker is torn because he loves Daisy but something in his past is keeping him from making it permanent.

Daisy had a huge crush on Tucker when she was younger but she would never have guessed that years later Tucker would be interested in her. The only problem is Tucker wants to keep it secret until he can get himself sorted. Daisy is willing to wait but after mixed signals from Tucker she realizes they want different things and tells Tucker they are over unless he can give her everything she deserves.

I liked this one but there was a couple things that had me scratching my head about Tucker and the issues he was dealing with. Overall good story and I liked this couple together, had segway into the first book Hidden Scars. Great series, new author for me.

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