Whiskey Burned
by Jessalyn Jameson
(Flawed Heroes)
Publication date: March 21st 2017
Genres: Erotica, Romance


Bar owner Jake Johnson loves women—until he kicks them out of his bed. Hardened by devastating loss, the only thing he lets warm his heart these days is the smooth burn of a good whiskey.

Tamryn Baker wants Jake as much as she wants to run her own business; too bad he can’t see past the pain-in-the-ass little girl she was, or the promise he made to her older brother to look after her.

Jake’s a whiskey burn on a cold winter’s night, but Tamryn wants more than heat between the sheets. Tamryn’s always felt like home, but Jake knows crossing the line with her wouldn’t be safe, regardless of the explosive chemistry building between them.

If they give in, their broken hearts will either fit together perfectly—or their pasts will shred them both.

WHISKEY BURNED is the second book of the Flawed Heroes series; each book is standalone.


3.5 Stars
Tamryn Baker has been crushing on Jake Johnson since she can remember but he only sees her as his friends little sister. Jack promised to keep on eye on Tamryn but it is not until lately that he is beginning to see her as something else. Can two friends become something more and what does it take for them to take the next step?

I liked this book had a very western feel to it. Had a few surprises I was not expecting in this story. I would check out more in this series.