Fearless (Dartmoor, #1)Fearless by Lauren Gilley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ava Teague has graduated college and now is returning home to start grad school. Believing that her boyfriend will be a big enough distraction not to think about Felix “Mercy” Lecuyer, the man who destroyed her heart. Ava knows it is not going to be easy and when she sees Mercy again she tries to push him away but Mercy seems to be constantly in her sight.

Mercy left Ava believing he was doing right by Ava. Now he is back in Knoxville and Ava’s father is now President of the Lean Dogs MC and wants him back in his club. He knows others look at him knowing about his and Ava’s past but he doesn’t care. With the club in danger Mercy is needed for the special skills he has and knows that their will be no one for him but Ava. Can he protect Ava even if it means from himself?

So I had been waiting to read this one but did not realize it had a big trigger for me, cheating. I have a bit of mixed feelings on this one and was surprised by how the story unfolded. I liked Mercy and Ava but Mercy is hard to like initially because he is cold and has a bit of a standoff vibe to him. This really reminded me of Sons of Anarchy with some of the characters. I liked this but had the one thing that I didn’t like.

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