See You at Sunset (Seashell Bay, #3)See You at Sunset by V.K. Sykes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holly Tyler is about to branch out on her own with her career in New York, when she is called back to Maine where one of her Aunt’s health is in jeopardy. Holly is dedicated to her Aunts and one of her closest friends Micah, but things changed a bit on her last visit home. Micah is the Deputy Sheriff of Seashell Bay and he wants to explore what is between them, but she is tied to New York. Will Holly see what is right in front of her or follow her career?

This is a friends to lovers romance. I liked Micah and there were some really fun moments when he was dealing with the local residents. Holly you understand from the get go that she is conflicted and as the story unfolds you get why. I liked this couple a lot, great beach read.

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