Overhaul: (Boneyard Brotherhood MC Romance Book 1)Overhaul: by Amber Burns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sid knew when Madi walked into the garage that he wanted to get to know her, for the first time in years his interest was peaked. After he talks her into a date, Sid lets Madi know he plans to be by her side forever but when a brother betrays him he does what he has to do to protect the club. However he never thought it would mean losing Madi in the process. Can Sid win Madi back or was the one bright spot in his life destined to fade.

This was a good read, I was a little put off by Madi and trying to understand why she made the choices she did but it all came full circle in the end. Liked Sid but felt like his MC took advantage of him a little bit. Not your average MC story.

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