Stone Hard: A Secret Baby MC RomanceStone Hard: A Secret Baby MC Romance by Melinda Minx
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When Joanna Jensson and Stone came together it was for one night only, Stone drew the line and he was very clear as to why. Stone was a bad man and he was not going to taint Joanna’s life. However he never expected his club to betray him and the time in prison has made Stone rethink everything, he wants Joanna back and will do what he needs to to prove he is the right man for her. He never knew they made a child and when he finds out he knows what he has to do even if it is betraying those that betrayed him.

This was interesting, I found that I was a bit perplexed with Stone and how he easily became a dad with no hard feelings where Joanne is concerned about hiding the fact they had a child. Wanted to like this but it was just okay for me.

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