Desertion (Knights Rebels MC, #3)Desertion by River Savage
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jesse Carter is a jokester, he is flippant and a bit of a man whore who knows he will never commit to a woman. When he meets Bell Johnson while in the hospital he is hooked, he knows he wants her in his bed, but only until he gets his fill.

Bell is a woman who is awkward in social situations, her past has caused her to be close to her family and made it difficult to let anyone in. When Jesse convinces her to go on a date she does it reluctantly but finds that she can read Jesse and he is not all that he seems. As they grow close though Bell finds herself wanting more and Jesse pushing back, can he take a giant step and take what he wants even though he denies it?

There is a ton of layers to this story that I did not even touch on. Both are a bit broken and vulnerable, I feel like Bell had a ton of growth in the story and Jesse seemed to circle the drain until a wake up call jolted him. A bit angsty in spots but overall a entertaining biker book. Checking out the next in the series.

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