Single Dad's BrideSingle Dad’s Bride by Melinda Minx
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Deacon needs to find a wife quickly in order to keep his daughter in his home, his wife’s parents want his daughter for all the wrong reasons. When Deacon lost his wife he didn’t expect this continual battle and now this is his last chance to keep his girl at home. Coming up with a plan he ask Rita to be his faux wife, however Rita and Deacon have never gotten along.

Rita decides to help out Deacon but when it goes awry she agrees to marry him even though it is against her values. Now that Rita and Deacon are in close proximity they begin to learn things about one another neither expected and they find themselves falling for one another.

I liked this one always like an unexpected romance where opposites attract. Deacon was a bit gruff at first but he grows on you and I liked how their story unfolded. Great read.

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