Flesh and Blood (Lone Star Mobster #1)Flesh and Blood by Cynthia Rayne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Belle Nunn is down on her luck trying to find a job after being unjustly fired from hers. She doesn’t know what to think when she is summoned to meet Dixon Wolf, she knows the rumors about him being part of the mafia and has no idea why their paths are crossing.

Dix wants information on Belle’s father who jilted him for money. He is pleasantly surprised when he meets Belle and decides he wants to have her temporarily as his mistress. Belle doesn’t want to repeat her mothers mistakes and rejects the offer but when Dix makes it clear he will do whatever he can to have her, she reluctantly agrees. Belle keeps telling herself not to get her heart involved but it is a lost cause and she knows it will break because Dix has made it very clear that he will never give his heart to someone again after losing his wife years ago.

I will say I struggled a bit with Dix’s harshness when it came to Belle, he is so conflicted but when she isn’t around he is all out gaga for her. Great story, found all the characters interesting look forward to their stories. Action packed fun.

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