Grizzly MountainGrizzly Mountain by Becca Jameson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Heather Simmons is in Alberta, Canada as a glaciologist until she gets hurt on a hiking trail and has to be rescued. Isaiah Arthur is out on the mountain trying to find the lost hiker who he quickly realizes is his mate. A stand off though has Heather getting injured by another shifter and now he has to disclose she is going to be a shifter and the complications that come with it. The Arcadian Council wants to interfere and take is mate away, Isaiah has a short amount of time to convince Heather to be his mate but will she be willing to take a chance on him?

Great book had a few twists I was surprised about. Isaiah was swoon worthy when it comes to Heather. Sizzling chemistry, well worth picking up.

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