Bound (Lamian Wars #1)Bound by C.M. Steele
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Falcon Lombardi has been fighting the Lamain war after an enemy forced the majority of his people to their death and those that did survive have to live in the dark. His kind were always able to live in the light. His mother foresaw the future and their will be a baby girl born from a vampire and his human mate. Centuries later Falcon still has not met his mate and the people who mated with a possibility of pregnancy have lived their life in danger. He has all but given up hope when his mate enters his life and it begins a domino effect.

There is a secondary story with Draco, Falcon’s, best friend and his mate who is best friends with Leonora that all ties together. I liked this had several surprises and a cliffhanger ending. A different type of vampire story.

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