Riding With Storm (A Biker Romance) (Biker romance, Biker Club romance, MC romance)Riding With Storm (A Biker Romance) by Elen Free
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Liv is in her own little world working her father’s bar and trying to do the best she can to help out after her mother dies when a group of bikers come in demanding the items her father was supposed to hand over. Next thing Liv knows is she is kidnapped and on the back of a bikers bike named Storm.

The leader of the bikers, E.W. explains she is collateral until her father ponies up. Liv is scared out of her mind but takes comfort with Storm and when they are left by themselves they find the attraction is too much to resist. Can Storm be loyal to his club and protect Liv at the same time though?

This one was a bit all over the place for me. I understand Liv was scared and yet its bam into sleeping with Storm. Had a part towards the end that had me scratching my head. I think story had a good premise but could have been a bit longer to wind things up.

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