Ride with MeRide with Me by Ruthie Knox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lexie Marshall is planning on cycling the TransAmerica Trail and after her brother pulls out of the journey she posts an add on line. Tom Geiger is making the treck but he doesn’t plan to have a partner but his meddling sister has other ideas and teams him up with a man named Alex. Lexie is not a man though and Tom makes it clear he doesn’t want her company but will bike with her until he finds another group she can go with. What he doesn’t expect though is to like Lexie or the chemistry to heat up the farther they get.

This was delightful. Tom has a major chip on his shoulder and was so rude to Lexie but when he lets it go he is a charmer. Liked Lexie a lot she is a tough cookie and has no problem speaking up where Tom is concerned. Love the whole concept of this story. Highly entertaining.

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