Bloodspell (The Cruentus Curse, #1)Bloodspell by Amalie Howard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Victoria Warrick is used to being bullied but after an incident has her put in the hospital and losing most of her blood, she doesn’t return. At seventeen years old, Victoria heads to a new school out of town where no one knows her history. She meets Christian Devereux right away and their is a chemistry neither can deny but for some reason Christian warns her away. The problem is as much as Christian warns her away they keep finding themselves in each other paths.

Christian knows what Victoria is even though she seem to not. He also knows that witches and vampires do not mix, but he can’t stay way from Victoria. When they finally confide in one another their feelings they work to stop the enemies who are intent on taking her and Christian is put in a position that will betray everything he is.

I liked this one quite a bit but it was a bit angsty in parts. I thought this was well written and liked how the story unfolded. Felt for Christian, he is in a bit of a bind with Victoria but he cannot deny his feelings. Great read.

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