The Laird (Captive Hearts, #3)The Laird by Grace Burrowes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Michael Brodie left his new bride to fight a war that took years to finish, even after it did he still stayed away but now he is back home and is surprised his wife Brenna is not happy to see him. Brenna put up with nine years of gossiping about why her new husband would walk away the day after they married, the rumors swirled whether he was alive or dead for years and now he is back Brenna is ready to walk away from the marriage but Michael wants there marriage and plans to woo his wife. Can Brenna trust Michael and can they have everything that he is promising?

There is a whole part of the story about Brenna that gets uncovered while the story progresses which was surprising. I thought this was excellent, going to have to go back and read rest of series. Brenna you get where she is at with Michael and I felt sorry for him but felt like he owed it to Brenna to regain her trust. Liked the pacing of this story, very entertaining.

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