Tequila Blues (Serrated Brotherhood MC, #3)Tequila Blues by Bijou Hunter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dayton Rutgers had a chance with Harmony Slater years ago, she challenged him in every way a woman could but he wasn’t sure he could make the commitment she was looking for. Now years later she is a single mother to a three year old and Dayton is tired of fighting the inner turmoil inside himself with Harmony, it is time to make Harmony his.

Harmony gave Dayton a chance years ago, he balked and she has not forgotten. After a few drinks she finally takes Dayton up on his offer of a night together but Dayton isn’t planning on one night he is planning on forever. Harmony doesn’t trust this new side of Dayton, he is a man who seems aloof and has a way with words but he seems determined to show Harmony another side of him. Can she trust where this is going or is it a play on words?

This was another great read in the Serrated Brotherhood MC. Since the first book I have been curious about Dayton, I wasn’t sure if his interest in Harmony was mild flirtation or if there was more to it. There is a whole side to this story about Dayton that is deep and settled my curiosity. Harmony is wonderful, loved her little boy Keanu. Entertaining read.

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