Royal StripperRoyal Stripper by Sienna Valentine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Matthias Janis is the Prince of Caspierre and when duty began to call and marriage was swirled around, he balked and left for America. The one thing he missed was the attention he always received so he decided to become a stripper for private parties and it has a few side benefits. What he never expected to see was a woman at one of his stripping gigs with absolute disdain on her face, he had only ever seen lust and adoration by the women he performed for.

Ally Dylan is a hard working woman who cannot understand the bride to be’s behavior with the strippers, plus the cockiness of one in particular has her irritated. Matthias wants to get to know Ally, Ally doesn’t want to get to know Matthias. Matthias decides he is going to properly woo her and Ally has to decide if she is willing to give him a chance and could it all come crumbling down when she learns who he really is?

This was a fun fluff story. I did not understand Ally in the beginning because when her parents come in to the picture they are a hoot. Other than that the story was entertaining and I liked that it was not your typical romance book.

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